1. I can’t imagine it if beauty was the only currency I used as an actress. It just doesn’t interest me.

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    Limzy Wei: Flowergirls

    artist on tumblr

    Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.

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    I’m Mariana from Mexico City and I #SupportGaza. ❤️ #FreePalestine #Gaza #StopGenocide #SaveGaza #PrayForGaza

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    Pascal Lamorisse in The Red Balloon (1956, dir. Albert Lamorisse) (via)

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    sam perfection claflin💕

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    sam claflin gif na Tumblrze su We Heart It.

  12. Sam Claflin and Lily Collins in official still from Love, Rosie (2014)

    Is this the famous Silence of the book?

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    The minute I get into a hotel room, I scatter my stuff everywhere. It’s like a bomb site within a minute. So I suppose that means I’m trying to nest.

    get to know me meme
    [1/5] favourite actresses: carey mulligan