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    One period drama per post: The Village (2013 - )

    "My name is Bert Middleton and I’m the second oldest man in Britain. This is the last thing I’ll do so you’d better listen carefully and properly. And make it honest…"

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    folk wisdoms

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  5. An Imperial Affliction

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  6. Best teachers ever - Martha and Eyre 

    The Village, bbc

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  8. "I worked my butt off to prove to any doubters that I was the man for the job" Sam Claflin, Man of the Year 2014, Glamour UK

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    Sam Claflin Roles (x)(x)

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    That same moment remains as vivid to Bobbi and Nick as it does to anybody.

    Two years after Woodstock, they’ve married and they now have children ages 33 and 35. They’ve always been community-minded and would have been so whether or not they had gone to Woodstock, said Bobbi. She is a school nurse. She also started a food pantry out of her office, while Nick inspects houses of poor people that were about to be renovated by the government.

    “I think the further we get from the original event the more meaningful it becomes, the more we realize how phenomenal it was: all those people coming together with no violence, just peace, love and sharing,” Bobbi says. “Forty years later it’s just remarkable that it could have occurred.”

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  13. Gemma Arterton for Elle France (2014)

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  14. Mumford & Mulligan

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